Complementary Courses

All Grade 10 students must register in complementary courses.  Pick your top seven choices and put them in numerical order from 1 to 7 (1 is your top choice for a complementary course.)  We are not always able to give you your top 3 choices so please put your choices in order carefully.  Your choices will be understood as a commitment from the beginning of the semester to the end.  Because our classes are very full, there is rarely any room to change courses.  There is a one-week time period after the beginning of the semester in which you may request a change in any course.  If this change cannot be made, you will be expected to remain in the course.  ("decide and abide" rule.)  Unless there are extraordinary circumstances, no application for course changes or drops after this deadline will be accepted and students will be expected to complete the course.

Grade 9 Complementary Course Selection Form

Click on the following PowerPoint presentation to get an overview of what SHS has to offer:

Let the Fun Begin


Animation - Mr. Eberts

Animation Intro (3 Credits): Students learn 2D digital animation with Adobe Photoshop, Animate and Character Animator. Great for beginners and experienced artists alike. All hardware and software is provided.


Art Attack - Ms. Roberts

Art - Ms. Roberts

Barbering - Mrs. Davidson and Mrs. Greep 

Barbering is an introductory course (no previous cosmetology class required) and is a pre-requisite to additional Barbering classes or Cosmo 2 (intermediate Cosmetology)


Choral Music

Computer Repair - Mr. Eberts

Computer Repair (3 Credits): This is class for both beginning and experienced students interested in IT, Networking and the building and repair of Personal Computers (PCs). The course leads into Networking and Cisco certifications.


Construction Intro - Mr. Clark


Construction Advance - Mr. Clark

Cosmetology - Mrs. Davidson and Mrs. Greep 

Cosmo 1 is an introductory course (no previous cosmetology class required) and is a pre-requisite to Cosmo 2 (intermediate Cosmetology)


Dance - Mrs. Bertsch

Drama - Mrs. Bertsch

Drumline - Mr. Allsopp

Fabrication Studies (Metal Work) - Mr. Harris

Fashion Studies - Mrs. Greep 


Film Studies - Mr. Allsopp

Fitness - Mr. Hargrove

Food Studies - Mrs. Sammons

Game Programming - Mr. Eberts

Glee - Mrs. Bertsch

Graphic Design - Ms. Riley

Health Care Studies - Mrs. Westgard

Hockey Program - Mr. Tucker

Industrial Design - Mr. Eberts

Industrial Design (3 Credits) is learning 2D and 3D drawing skills then 3D printing your designs. Beginners welcome!

Instrumental Music

Instrumental Jazz

Jewelry Making

Languages - Mr. Regnier​​

French 10 Spanish 10
French 20 Spanish 20
French 30  Spanish 30

Outdoor Eduction - Mrs. Aitken and Mr. Tucker

Photography - Ms. Riley

Physical Education - Mr. Flaws, Mr. Hargrove and Mrs. Larson

Pottery - Ms. Roberts

Robotics - Mr. Eberts

Robotics (3 Credits): Design, Build and Program robots with motors, sensors and servos. Learn soldering and circuits too!


Rock Band

Spartan Council

This is not an option class but is a group of students that come together 1 day a week after school.  This is a great opportunity to gain some leadership, school spirit and get involved with community.

Sports Medicine - Mr. Gorski

Technical Theatre - Mrs. Bertsch


Web Design - Mr. Eberts

Web Design (3 Credits) - Learn how to design and create nicely styled web pages. Students learn HTML, CSS and some scripting languages as well. The Adobe apps Dreamweaver and Photoshop are used, all students get a free Adobe Creative Cloud license for home use. We learn how to update and maintain a live site on a real web server.


Wood Carving - Mr. Clark