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Community Work Day on Thursday, April 27th

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students, 

Strathmore High will be holding a Community Work Day on Thursday April 27, 2023 as a fundraising event.  The money raised has been earmarked for a LED presentation board for the gym. Here is how the fundraiser works:

  • Students who wish to participate will be asked to find their own place of employment for the day.  If a student is willing to work, but does not have a place in mind, they can choose from a list of community jobs. 
  • Those who are not participating are expected to be in regular classes.  
  • Teachers will not be presenting new material or giving exams on this day so students who are participating will not miss any class instruction.
  • Employers will pay a $50 fee to have a student work for them from 9:00 am - 3:00 pm.  This payment can be made online (see link for the employer)
  • Additional donations can be made online and an income tax receipt will be issued
  • Students are encouraged to work with a friend or in groups.
  • Parents/guardians might like to pay their child to do some spring cleaning, car detailing, or work around the house.

For all students participating, it is very important that parents/guardians fill out the google form and share the google doc with the employer. 

Here is the link to the google form: 

Here is the link for the employer: Employer Letter

Here is the link to School Cash Online payment: School Cash Online $50 Payment

If you have any questions please email or 

Thank you for your support!

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