Graduation will take place on Saturday, May 28, 2022

Welcome to your last year of high school class of 2022!

Students Please Help With Grad

If you are interested in helping out with Grad please see Ms. Roberts or Ms. Williams for additional information regarding Grad Planning Committee. The first meeting is TBA at lunch in room 202. Listen for announcements. All Grade 12’s are welcome to attend!   

All mandatory school fees must be paid to be eligible for graduation. Any questions about outstanding fees can be directed to the office. 

Sign up for Remind

Sign up for information and date reminders by texting:

@shs-grad to (819) 801-0335


What You Need to Know to Graduate

The presentation will include information on Getting to Graduation, Applying to Post Secondary, and Financing Post Secondary Education as well as events and procedures leading up to grad, grad photos and the outline for Graduation Day

Grad Pictures with Lifetouch

Pictures will be taken by Lifetouch, February 28th - March 4th, 2022 in the Civic Centre . All students must have their picture taken by Lifetouch so it can be included in the yearbook and composite. There is NO charge to have photos taken for yearbook & composite. Students who want their photos done by another company can simply inform the Lifetouch cameraman and no fee will be charged for the two photos taken.  Please click here to access the latest information from Lifetouch. Lifetouch Portrait & COVID information.

If you are only getting your yearbook/composite taken please make an appointment for March 1st  starting at 10:15 am. (this is free) If you would like a package, and therefore a sitting, there will be a $40 charge payable the day of your sitting which will last approximately 45 min. You can book your appointment with Lifetouch online at starting on Feb 1st 2021. Click here to book appointment. Please check in for your appointment in the Civic Centre.

Grad Gowns

The link below is for grad gown sign up.  For more information please see Mrs. Davidson in the Cosmo Room. Grad Gown Sign Up

Eligibility List

The eligibility list will be updated and reposted every Monday.

Common reasons for NOT being able to receive your Afternoon Ceremony tickets:

Outstanding/Unpaid Fees

  • Mandatory Spartan Council Fee $10.00 (Pay online, or make arrangements in office)
  • Past Learning Resource Fee $65.00 (Pay online, or make arrangements in office)
  • Mandatory Grad Fee $20.00 (Pay online, or make arrangements in office)
  • Sports Team Fees $Varies (See coach to pay, or make arrangements)
  • Damaged or Lost Text Books $Varies (See the library/learning commons to pay, or make arrangements)

Please pay your fees through School Cash Online, and visit the Learning Commons to return/replace missing textbooks. Click Here for the eligibility list. 

If you have unpaid fees, and/or missing/overdue textbooks, you will NOT be eligible to participate in the Graduation Ceremony on June 26th UNTIL they are paid for and/or returned. Pay your fees online at School Cash Online by June 20th. 

Afternoon Ceremony Tickets and Information

The tickets will be distributed to each eligible graduate. If you are graduating but not in the building this semester (RAP, finished early, part-time, etc) please pick up your ceremony tickets in the office starting TBD


The Ceremony is at the school and begins at 12 pm. Doors will open at 11:00 am and it should be noted that there is no reserved seating. Elderly guests, or those with medical conditions that make it difficult to wait in line, can be brought to the front doors at 10:45 am and will be allowed entrance. The ceremony consists of congratulatory speeches and presentation of certificates to each student concluding by 2:00 pm.

Every SHS grad will receive 6 Ceremony tickets for their guests to be able to attend the afternoon Ceremony on TBA. Separate tickets will be required for each event (Ceremony & Celebration). Because each Graduate will receive only 6 guest tickets to the Ceremony, they are encouraged to ask each other for unused tickets. If not all graduates require 6 Ceremony tickets, more tickets may be released at a later date on a first come, first served basis. Graduates do not need a ticket for themselves. Tickets are required to attend the Ceremony this year in order to comply with fire code regulations and not exceed the capacity of the gym (even children will require a ticket).


Ceremony Ticket & Information Board:

On the board outside the Art Room 202 you will find information about Grad 2020 as well as a place to post if you NEED tickets, or HAVE tickets for the afternoon ceremony. Please fill out the Extra Ticket cards with your GHSD email address, name, and the number of tickets you need or have. 

If you have urgent questions your student cannot answer you are welcome to phone either of the Grad Advisors (Ms. Roberts or Ms. Williams) at the school (403) 934-3135. You can visit our Facebook Page here!

Evening Celebration

Strathmore High School hosts a celebration in the evening on the day of grad. There will be a grand march, a number of speeches, a dance, and a dessert buffet. Doors open for the evening celebration at 6pm, the grand march starts at 7:30.   

Graduates do not need a ticket for themselves, however their guests and escort (if not a graduate) do. Tickets for guests for the evening celebration cost $15 ea. with children under 3 free. Graduates are guaranteed to purchase up to 6 tickets. If not all graduates require 6 tickets, more tickets may be released at a later date on a first come, first served basis, once announced.

Tickets to the grand march and evening celebration will be available for purchase starting MAY 6th. Due to capacity regulations, each student is able to purchase a maximum of 6 tickets at this time. Tickets must be purchased by noon on May 14th. Should there be a surplus of tickets available, more tickets will be released at 8am on May 15th and be available until 10pm on May 15th.  

As tickets have cash value and will not be replaced if lost, they will be handed out to students in TA on May 20th. 

Evening Ticket Purchase Information

Please pay for your tickets ONLINE through the School Cash Online link on the right hand side of the SHS home page.

You will be able to buy Evening Celebration tickets with CASH on May 7th at lunch in room 114.

Tickets will only be guaranteed available until noon on May 15th. You will receive your tickets in TA on Wednesday May 20. 
Do not lose them as they have cash value and will not be replaced.

Senior Superlatives

It’s that time of year, Grade 12’s!  Who among you is the most likely to show up late with coffee?  The most likely to be found in the weight room? Or the most likely to own 50 cats?  Voting for Senior Superlatives is now on! Check your school email, the SHS Facebook Page, or the Grad section on the school website for the link!  You can vote for whoever you want in as many categories as you choose. Ms. Riley forgot to put on the category for “Most Likely to Argue about it in Social Studies” at first, so if you voted on the first day, you can now go back in and pick somebody for that one!

Link to Form: TBA   

Jostens Graduation Jewelry

Grad Rings - Jostens is not able to come to our school.  Order now to have your graduation jewelry for all of Grade 12, take advantage of this year's prices & also receive a FREE HOODIE!  Offer is valid until June 30, 2021.  A $60 deposit for rings will be required. Catalogs are available for preview in the office and the Learning Commons. Click here to start designing your ring on Josten's website!  Ring styles can be viewed on the Jostens Website. Questions concerning rings please contact Sean Kelly.


Parent Organized Banquet

Parent/Student Meal: - There is NO organized banquet by the school. Parents and students are encouraged to attend a meal that best suits their family, friends, and financial considerations.  Please see below for more information.

Parent/Student Organized Banquet  TBA