Welcome to your last year of high school class of 2024!

GRAD is Saturday, May 25th, 2024


The Live Streaming of the Graduation Ceremonies will be done through our SHS Youtube Channel. The link will be posted here when the stream goes live on the day of grad.  

Graduation Details

Grad 2024 Information

SHS supports two main events for graduation. 

  • Afternoon Ceremonies (cross the stage in gown and sash)
  • Evening Celebration (grand march, speeches, dance)

There will be two Afternoon Ceremonies on May 25th. Each Ceremony is capped at 125 participants. Mandatory rehearsal for this event is on Friday, May 24th after lunch.

There are two separate time slots for this portion of grad which are: Use your GHSD email to sign up. Choose one form not both.

Every guest attending the Ceremony MUST have a ticket!  Students will receive 6 tickets each.  Tickets can be exchanged and requested from peers.  We will have a ticket exchange board posted outside the Learning Commons on the Grad bulletin board.  Doors are open 45 minutes before the start time of each ceremony.

If you need any extra ceremony tickets OR you have extra ceremony tickets, please fill out the information on the Blue Bulletin Board outside the Learning Commons!!

Evening Celebration

The Evening Celebration begins at 7:00 pm in the Gym with the dance to follow in the Civic Centre ending at 11pm. This is a school sponsored event. This is where you come in your formal dress, discover who won the various categories of Senior Superlatives, and then move to the Civic Centre for the dance (the first 3 songs are for you to dance with family, and your escorts/dates).  Grads and their escorts will be announced as they enter the gym, pose for a picture, and circle the gym to upbeat music. Grads, your ticket is included in your mandatory grad fee of $30. The cost per guest tickets is $15 and you may purchase up to 6 tickets. Tickets for guests will be sold online from May 6th to 12th through the School Cash Online. Tickets will be distributed to grads on the 14th, 15th and 16th of May.

Any remaining Celebration tickets will be released for purchase on School Cash Online on Friday, May 17th at 8 am.

Eligibility List

If you are currently failing any of your courses required for graduation, and/or you have overdue textbooks, and/or you haven't paid your mandatory fees, and/or have poor attendance, you will NOT BE ELIGIBLE to participate in the Graduation Ceremony.

Please go to School Cash Online, to pay your fees by MAY 6th 2024. 

The mandatory Grad fee of $30 has been added to your School Fees online account. This fee covers the cost of all the AV equipment, your graduation certificate folder, your gown maintenance, your certificate folder, and your personal Grad Celebration ticket. 

Contact Mrs. Trish Larson in the office for information. 

See Mrs. Wathen in the Learning Commons to return or pay for your textbooks.

Please speak to your teachers and make a plan to get passing!

Common reasons for NOT being able to receive your Graduation Ceremony tickets:

Outstanding/Unpaid Fees

  • Mandatory Spartan Council Fee $10.00 (Pay online, or make arrangements in office)
  • Mandatory Grad Fee $30.00 (Pay online, or make arrangements in office)
  • Sports Team Fees  (Pay online, or make arrangements with admin/coach)
  • Damaged or Lost Text Books fines (See the library/learning commons to pay, or make arrangements in the office)

Please pay your fees through School Cash Online, and visit the Learning Commons to return/replace missing textbooks. 

Morning/Afternoon Ceremony at 11:00am and 1:30pm

Ceremonies will take place in the gymnasium on May 25th with 2 start times: 11:00 am & 1:30 pm. Graduates will have the opportunity to sign up for their preferred start time and we will do our best to accommodate everyone, but can't guarantee their chosen time. Each ceremony is capped at 115 participants.

The form to sign up will be posted on the Grad Google Classroom on

April 15th at 8am.

Grads will cross the stage while their personal thank you's and future plans are shared. Graduates will each be given 6 tickets for guests to attend. Everyone attending, even children, must have a ticket. Tickets will be distributed to eligible grads starting on the first week in May. 

*Both ceremonies will be live-streamed on the SHS Youtube channel for those unable to attend to watch and enjoy.

Eligible Grads: You will be able to pick up your ceremony tickets May 1st, 2nd, 7th, & 8th at lunch across from the office.

Ineligible Grads: When you become eligible your tickets will be placed in the main office for you to pick up. The list is not updated every day, so be patient, you will get your tickets eventually.

Extra Ceremony Tickets: If you are looking for extra Ceremony tickets, fill out a card and put it on the board outside the Learning Commons. Be patient, we are still weeks away from grad, you will be amazed what happens between now and then.

There will be a ceremony rehearsal for each group on Friday, May 24th. Ceremony #1 rehearsal will start at 1:30pm, Ceremony #2 rehearsal will start at 2:30pm. Please make sure you are here as you will be given detailed instructions for the following day.

If you have urgent questions your student cannot answer you are welcome to phone either of the Grad Advisor - Ms. Williams, Ms. Legendre, or Mrs. Foldi - at the school (403) 934-3135.

Grad Write-Ups

Grads, please complete the Grad Write Up form will be posted in the Grad Google Classroom on April 16th. Your Write-Up must be submitted by May 2nd. 

You must be using your GHSD email, and you can only reply once. This is what will be shown on the screen with your grad photo as you cross the stage. 3 sentences maximum. If you are participating in the ceremony you MUST complete this. This is your chance to thank your family, friends, teachers, and anyone who helped you get to where you are today. Tell us what your plans for the future are, where are you going to school, are you going to start your career, will you be travelling.

Ex. Thank you to my family for getting me up in the morning, helping me with homework, reminding me to pack a lunch, and celebrating with me when I succeeded. I will be attending the University of Zoltron in the fall with the goal of one day becoming a sousaphone player. Congratulations to my friends and classmates, we did it!

Grad Gowns

1. Try on your grad gown when you receive it. When you put on your grad gown, it should hit the middle of your calf.  If it is too long or too short please come and see me.  DO NOT exchange with another student.  Each gown is numbered and assigned by name

2. Each gown comes with a sash.  You may want to safety pin the sash to your gown on the day of grad.  It tends to slide around

3. You do not need to wash the gown.  It was clean when you got it.  If for some reason you need to wash it, you can put it in the washing machine.  Hang to dry.

4. The gown needs to be returned immediately after the ceremony.  You may go onto the lawn for pictures, but DO NOT leave with the gown.

5. After the ceremony, place the gown in the labeled bins outside the cosmo room (room 104).  Each gown has a number on it so I will know you returned it.  Please don’t make me hunt you down to get my gown back!

Evening Celebration at 7:00pm - 11:00pm (Optional School Sponsored Event)

The Evening Celebration will begin at 7:00 pm in the gym with the dance to follow in the Civic Centre ending at 11pm.  THIS IS AN OPTIONAL SCHOOL SPONSORED EVENT.

This is an opportunity for Grads to show off their formal/fancy wear, discover who won the various categories of Senior Superlatives, listen to a few toasts, and then move to the Civic Centre for the dance (the first 3 songs are for you to dance with family, and your escorts/dates).

Grads and their escorts will be announced as they enter the gym, pose for a picture, and circle the gym to upbeat celebratory music. Grads will take their place on the bleachers, their non-grad escorts in reserved seating, and when everyone is seated the evening program will begin. 

Tickets for guests will be sold online from May 6th to 12th through the School Cash Online link on the SHS website home page. Grads do not need a ticket themselves, but all other guests will require one to enter the Celebration. Tickets for guests will be $15/ea for up to 6 guests per grad. Tickets will be distributed to grads on the 14th, 15th, and 16th of May. 

Any remaining Celebration tickets will be released for purchase on School Cash Online on Friday, May 17th at 8 am.  

Senior Quotes

Senior Quotes 2024

  • Senior Quotes go under your grad portrait in the yearbook. It will be there forever. 
  • You get 125 characters:  It can be heartfelt, funny, serious, or just plain random. Movie quotes, book quotes, song lyrics, teacher quotes, your own catchphrase... all fair game. 
  • If you don't put anything you will just have a big blank space under your name. Please keep it school-appropriate so Ms. Riley doesn't have to change it to "inappropriate joke." She will do it. 
  • If you change your mind, you will be able to go back and edit it until the due date on May 1st!

Look for the Google Form on Monday April 16th on the Grad Google Classroom

Here is the link: Senior Quotes 2024

Grad Pow Wow

Grad Pow Wow will take place on Friday, June 14th at 6 pm in the SHS Gymnasium. This is open to all students, staff and community members and will be celebrating & honoring all graduates of the Class of 2024.

For more information please contact Pacey Strangling Wolf @ 403-934-3135.


OPTIONAL - Parent Run Event 4-7pm

This is an OPTIONAL Parent Run Event held in the Civic Centre from 4-6pm. 

Grad Gala Banquet Dinner Ticket Sales - Open until May 10, 2024
Date: May 25, 2024

Time: 4PM-6PM

Location: Strathmore Civic Centre

Cost: $25 per ticket, to a maximum of 6 tickets. Tickets must be purchased for the graduating student as well. 
Join us in your finest duds to celebrate over a meal with your grads and family members! Seated tables and a buffet dinner will be available onsite, as well as a DJ to set the mood, beautiful decor for those Insta shots, and a photobooth to capture some lasting memories. Join us at the time that works best for your family, until we close the doors at 6pm so that your grad can get ready for the Grand March in the gymnasium. 

Tickets can be secured here. Payment will be required via eTransfer or in cash. If sending eTransfer, please be sure to add your Grad's name in the note, so that we know who the payment is for. Cash payments can be made at ticket pick up. 

Ticket pickup will take place over several dates in the late afternoon and evening, leading up to graduation. Once you have purchased, keep an eye out for email updates on upcoming ticket pick up dates. 

Have questions? Join the parent Facebook page or email Trish at

April 13 Bottle Drive

Bring your bottles and cans by the ball diamond parking lot at the Ag Grounds on April 13 to help support the Grad Gala Banquet. Please share the attached image with your network and we'll see you there!

April 27 Bake Sale

Calling all of our talented bakers (and Betty Crocker pros) to help fill the table! 

The Farmer's Market has generously donated a table to us at their Mother's Day Market on April 27. Please feel free to send along your specialties or sign up for items on the list. This is a great way to involve your grad! 
Please plan on having your baking ready to hand over to us by April 26th. A time and meeting place will be shared with those that sign up closer to the date. 
Important Notes:

  • Strathmore Market requires a label of ingredients on all items.
  • All items must be wrapped / packaged according to the list. It’s for Mother’s Day, so be creative!
  • Please follow AHS Guidelines
  • Sign Up Here

Happy baking!

Want to volunteer or have questions? Email Rhianna at

Grad Pictures with Lifetouch

Please click below to access the latest Strathmore High School 2024 Graduation Photos FAQ's sheet.  Please click here for a snapshot of SHS Grad Notice "A Year to Remember" information sheet.

Book Your Appointment

Portrait Sittings: February 26 - March 1st, 2024

Location:  Civic Centre

Note:  Book your appointment online at Prestige Portraits. Please come to your appointment 15 minutes prior to start to complete your paperwork and get into the gown. Choose Alberta & Strathmore and then "locate your school"; you will choose the Deluxe Sitting.  You must get to the final "confirmation" screen to ensure you have fully booked your session.

  • Photo sittings will be every 30 minutes and run between 8:00 am - 4:00 pm. Please do not be late for your appointment as there will not be time to fit you in.
  • All students MUST have their picture taken by Lifetouch so it can be included in the yearbook and composite. There is NO charge to have photos taken for yearbook & composite. Students who want their photos done by another company can simply inform the Lifetouch cameraman and no fee will be charged for the two photos taken.  You still need to book an appointment for this.
  • If you would like a package, and therefore a sitting, there will be a $40 charge payable online. This package includes 8-10 formal cap & gown photos and 8-10 casual photos with a large variety of poses and backgrounds.  You can book your appointment with Lifetouch online at starting on Feb 1st, 2024. 
  • What to wear for formal photos?  
    • Gentlemen: Traditionally wear a dress shirt and tie that compliments the school colours. 
    • Ladies:  Traditionally wear a tank top or v-neck for under the gown.
  • What to wear for casual photos?
    • Casual clothing emphasizes comfort and personal expression.  You can bring props that are important to you during this time.  For example, sports gear, musical instrument, art supplies. Keep your hair and make up natural, otherwise you may not like it.  Please do not wear glitter.  This could be full length so don't forget to wear nice shoes.  Your proofs will be mailed to you approximately three weeks after final photo date.  

Jostens Graduation Jewelry

Grad Rings - Jostens will be at the school on Tuesday, November 7th and Wednesday, November 8th taking orders at lunchtime outside the office. Order now to have your graduation jewelry for all of Grade 12, take advantage of this year's prices & also receive a FREE HOODIE! Catalogs are available for preview in the office and the Learning Commons. Click here to start designing your ring on Josten's website!  Ring styles can be viewed on the Jostens Website. Questions concerning rings please contact Sean Kelly.

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