International Students

Strathmore High School welcomes international students from all over the world!  We are proud to offer them the opportunity to learn about our culture and make new friends with our Canadian students while learning from our outstanding teachers.  Mr. McClure ( and Mrs. Galandy ( meet regularly with our international students to provide educational and learning supports for the students. 

Visit the Golden Hills International website to explore the fantastic opportunities and activities our students experience at Golden Hills.

Contact Information is as follows:

Homestay/Dorm and Social Issues:  (Including but not limited to concerns regarding social challenges, home/dorm behavior, social-emotional learning opportunities, resources.)

Heather Davies

  • 403-934-5121 ext. 2054

Academic Issues: (Including but not limited to concerns regarding academic performance, classroom behaviour, ELL supports, resources.)

Carmen Spitzer

  • (403) 934-5121 ext. 2138

Program Coordinator:

Geoff Ball

  • (403) 934-5121 ext. 2042

After Hours Emergency Line:

  • Phone or text (587) 333-3345