Find A Web Tool


  • Creaza - can create your own stories using cartoon characters
  • Generator - create digital storyboards
  • Slidestory - Combine images and narration to create a shareable story.  Requires you to download an application
  • Storybird - Create short stories withe great art.
  • Voicethread - combines narration and visuals to tell compelling stories.



  • Corkboard - collect ideas, images, links in one place
  • Lino - make sticky note "walls" for collaborating. Like Padlet
  • Padlet - create a planning wall for note-taking, planning or collaboration
  • Spaaze - another collaborative cork board
  • Stormboard - sticky note whiteboard that works withe computers, tablets and phones

Mind Mapping


  • Bitstrips - comic strip maker
  • Comic Master - create yuor own graphic novels in a superhero style
  • Make Beliefs Comix - allows users to create stories out of comic strips and share them with others
  • Pixton - a tool that lets users create stories out of predefined cartoons and characters
  • Toondoo - cartoon builder


  • ProProfs - tool for building quizzes, polls, surveys and flashcards
  • Quizlet - build shareable flashcards
  • Cram - quickly create flashcards or browse through the millions of flashcards already uploaded
  • Funnel Brain - create flashcards and quizzes and share them with teams
  • Braineos - turns study topics into games
  • Study Stack - easily keeps track of correct and incorrect answers to help you study better
  • Exam Time - Make flashcards, mind maps, quizzes and notes and share them with groups


  • Audacity - recording and editing software.  Requires that you download the software
  • Audioboo - record and share your audio creations.  Use the red record button in the upper right corner
  • Audio Expert - online recorder, file converter and audio editor
  • File Lab Audio Editor - web based
  • Fotobabble - upload an image and then record up to 5 minutes of audio to go with it
  • SoundCloud - upload audio and share or embed in another project.  Others can comment with their own audio tracks
  • Wavosaur - simple to use audio recorder and editor, with many advanced features, PC only, requires some practice


  • Animoto - quickly make videos that combine image, songs and text.  Free version is limited to 30 second videos.
  • Magisto - Turn photos and videos into edited movies
  • Pixorial - video and photo sharing with a built in video creator feature and syncs with Google drive
  • Powtoon - make great looking animated videos and presentations
  • Stupeflix - similar to Animotot alloweing you to mix video, photos, music and voice
  • WeVideo - online video editor
  • Viddyad - quickly create short professional looking videos
  • Videonotes - create notes while watching videos and save them to your google docs


  • Knovio - create and share online presentations with video and audio commentary
  • PhotoPeach - create online slidshows.  Allows background music
  • Prezi - online presentations with a zoomable canvas
  • Zentation - allows you to sync a presentation to a YouTube video in a very unique way
  • Powtoon - make great looking videos and presentations


  • Evernote - capture anything, save your ideas, and access your information from anywhere using either a computer or a phone and mobile devices.
  • GumNotes - stick notes to your docuemtns, websites, gamil, etc.


  • Wordle - paste your text or use a URL to create a word could
  • Word it Out - similar to Wordle
  • Tagxedo - Allows your word cloud to be customized in many cool ways


  • Timeline JS - Intuitive and easy to use multimedia timeline creatro
  • Timeglider - zoom and pan through interactive timelines
  • Tiki-Toki - has a very nice 3D timeline feature
  • Time Toast - one of the quickest timeline creators