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The Science Game Center

  • educators can access a curated list of science and math games, read reviews about various games, and share tips on how to use games most effectively to help students reach their educational goals

Sing About Science and Math

  • access to more than 6.000 songs and 200 lesson plans and quizzes for incorporating music in science and math classes, in many cases the lyrics and video accompany the songs 

Math 10C: Explained

  • An online resource that is aligned with the Math 10C curriculum in Western Canada, includes notes, lessons, and animations

Social Studies

**Don't forget to check out the magazine Canada's History in the Library! This month's issue features Captain Cook!**

Canadian Geographic History Articles

Library and Archives of Canada

Peel's Prairie Provinces

-a resource that has a wealth of information pertaining to Western Canadian history and prairie culture

Social Studies 10 


  • Exploring Globalization

    • McGraw-Hill Ryerson's website to accompany the Social Studies 10-1 textbook, includes many great links to related topics 

  • The Global Arcade

    • an interactive site where you can learn more about globalization and the impact of globalization on different parts of the world


    • the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization website that includes current global issues, priorities, and objectives

  • Oxfam Canada

    • an organization dedicated to ending global poverty, emphasis on women's rights

  • WTO

    • The World Trade Organization's website

  • International Labour Organization

    • The ILO is an agency of the United Nations, promoting social employment protection and rights of workers. This site includes a wealth of information, including a section dedicated to education around Child Labour.

  • The New York Times

    • updated news about the United Nations published in The New York Times, also includes a list of other web resource son the United Nations. Also see European Union

  • The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada

    • The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada's website. Learn about the Commission, events and projects and access media and other resources. 

    • TRC Canada YouTube

      • Also, see an informational handout from a Calgary Herald March 23, 2014. Includes a residential school timeline and other information about the history of residential schools. 

  • YaleGlobal Online

    • Learn about Globalization and The History of Globalization on YaleGlobal Online's website

  • IMF 

    • The International Monetary Fund's website on the key issue of globalization 

  • 100 Years of Oil

    • A three part information segment from the Calgary Herald commemorating 100 years of the oil industry

Books in your Library:

  • Globalization of Trade by Randall Frost Call No. 382 FRO

  • Globalization by Debra A. Miller Call No. 303.48 MIL

Social Studies 20


World War I:

  • PBS- The Great War

    • PBS's website on the Great War, that includes educational resources, war timeline, maps and glossary

  • First World War. com

    • a multimedia history of WWI, includes history, causes, and the who's who of this war

  • World War I Document Archive

    • the Bringham Young University Library's World War I collection of primary documents

  • Library and Archives Canada

    • The Library and Archives of Canada's digital collection on the First World War, includes information about soldiers, air forces, naval forces, war diaries, and interesting online exhibitions. Search your family name and find forms and information on relatives enlisted in the Great War. 

  • Ukrainian Internment 1914-1920

    • an informational website about Ukraine and Ukrainians, this particular page gives you information about the internment of Ukrainians in Canada, into concentration camps during the time of the First World War

Books in your Library:

  • World War I by William G. Larkin Call No. 940.3 LAR

  • World War: A Compact History by Grace Hayes Call No. 9403.3 HAY

World War II:


  • Japanese Canadian History

    • an educational resource website on the internment of Japanese Canadians from 1942 to 1949. Includes information on Japanese Canadian History, student activities, and examples of student work

  • The History Channel: Pearl Harbor

    • the History Channel's website on Pearl Harbour that includes videos, speeches, and articles 

Books in your Library:

  • World War II by Mike Sharpe Call No. 940.3 SHA

  • The Second World War by Neil DeMarco Call No. 940.4 DEM

  • Hitler's Germany 1933-45. by Josh Brooman Call No. 943 BRO

  • Mussolini and Italian Fascism by Hamish Macdonald Call No. 945 MAC

  • Winston Churchill: A Brief Life by Piers Brendon Call No. 941.2 BRE

  • Pearl Harbor by David Boyd Call No. 900 BOY


Resources on the Holodomor:

Books in your Library:

  • Genocide: The Systematic Killing of People by Linda Altman Call No. 364.5 ALT

  • The Holocaust in History  by Michael Marrus  Call No. 940.4 MAR

  • The Holocaust: Understanding and Remembering by Helen Strahinich Call No. 940.3

  • The Holocaust by Patricia Levy Call No. 940.5 LEV

  • The Holocaust by Valerie Bodden Call No. 940.3 BOD

  • The Holocaust: Jews, Germany, and the National Socialists by James R. Nortoon Call No. 940.53 NOR

  • Genocide in Rwanda by Frank Spalding Call No. 967.5 SOA 

  • Genocide and Bosian War by Jacqueline Ching Call No. 949.7 CHI

  • Genocide in Darfur by Janey Levy Call No. 962.4 LEV

Social Studies 30


(have to be logged in through LearnAlberta to access these resources)






AP Biology:

  • Bozeman Science

    • a collection of online educational science videos created by Paul Andersen {AP Bio} 

  • Crash Course Biology

    • YouTube videos by Hank Green on Biology

  • The Zoo of You

    • in this interactive, see how closely parts of your body match those in other animals, from sharks to fruit flies {diversity}

  • The Day the Mesozoic Died

    • this short film tells the story of the extraordinary detective work that led to the stunning discovery that an asteroid struck the Earth 66 million years ago, triggering a mass extinction of animals, plants, and even microorganisms {evolution}

  • BioInteractive

    • a collection of free resources for teachers and students by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute 

  • The Visible Embryo 

    • provides visual references for changes in fetal development throughout pregnancy and can be navigated via fetal development or maternal changes. Many interesting and relevant research articles that have to do with reproduction and development. 


Biology 30:

Biology 20:





AP Chemistry:

  • Bozeman Science

    • a collection of online educational videos created by Paul Andersen {AP Chemistry}

Chemistry 30:

Chemistry 20:

  • Boyle's Law

    • an interactive on Boyle's Law {Gases}

  • Lewis Dot App

    • introduce high school chemistry students to molecular bonding principles with this app for IPad! This app enables students to generate and manipulate chemical structures depicted as their Lewis Dot Diagrams {Chemical Bonding} 



All Levels:



Science 10:

  • Science Orientation Skills

    • a student resource for Science 10, includes microscope demonstrations, scientific literacy, writing reports, safety, and an SOS toolbox

  • Cells Alive

    • a visual tour of cells, bacteria, viruses, and their interaction with one another {Biology} 

  • Cell Analogy

    • a city/cell analogy project {Biology}

  • Bozeman Science Tour of the Cell

    • a collection of online educational videos created by Paul Andersen {Biology}

  • The Cell Song & Cells Come From Cells Song

    • educational songs on cells {Biology}

  • The Science Game Center

    • educators can access a curated list of science and math games, read reviews about various games, and share tips on how to use games most effectively to help students reach their educational goals

  • Sing About Science and Math

    • access to more than 6,000 songs and 200 lesson plans and quizzes for incorporating music in science and math classes, in many cases the lyrics and video accompany the song 

  • Science Connect 1 Textbook Resource

    • tools and resources for Science 14 using the Science Connect 1 textbook published by McGraw-Hill Ryerson

Science 20:

  • Science Connect 2 Textbook Resource

    • tools and resources for Science 24 students using the Science Connect 2 textbook published by McGraw-Hill Ryerson

  • Learn Alberta Resources

    • a list of Science 20 Learn Alberta resources, most require you to sign in. If you do not know the login information please ask a teacher or a Librarian


  • ADLC English

    • videos on a variety of Senior High writing topics

  • Shakespeare in Bits

    • short video "bits" of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, Julius Caesar and Hamlet. Includes text, notes, synopsis, and character information

  • Lit2Go

    • a collection of free stories and poems in audio, each passage is also available for download for read along purposes

  • Project Gutenberg

    • a collection of free ebooks!

  • 60 Second Recap

    • recap study guides of books, resources on books, book reviews and lots of other cool stuff!

  • SpokenVerse YouTube Channel 

    • offers over 400 readings of poems in English, includes William Shakespeare.

  • BBC - Bitesize

    • learning resources for adults, children, parents, and teachers: find videos and audio clips by level, subject and topic.

**Remember to check out the Literacy Reference Center that is available through the Online Reference Centre. It is a useful database you can use to access information on authors and their works**

English 10-1


Free Online AudioBooks:



  • BBC Languages French

    • includes videos and practice on French phrases and words, including greetings, food and drink, family, introductions, and directions

  • Bonjour de France

    • a site with exercises, games, tests, and worksheets to learn French

  • Google

    • Google in French

  • Literacy Center Education Network

    • French language activities with increasing level of difficulty. Includes alphabet, numbers, colours, shapes, and other words




History of the Theatre

  • History of Theatre 

    • - covers history of the theatre from Greek theatres in the 6th century BC to the early 19th century theatres in Europe. 

  • History of Theatres in Britain 

    • The United Kingdom Theatres Trust website gives information on the history of theatres in the UK. 

  • V & A Theatre History

    • The Victoria and Albert Museum of London provides articles about theatre history in Britain, on it's website, including history on early theatre, Elizabethan Theatre, 18th-Century Theatre and 19th-Century Theatre. 

  • Greek Theatre

    • BBC History offers a brief history of Greek Theatre


Critical Thinking & Inquiry-Based Learning

Inquiry Based Learning & Critical Thinking Resources:

  • Dan Meyer -- 3 Act Math

    • Dan Meyer puts to use stories and pictures to teach Mathematical concepts. He has great links to "Three Act Math" and "Graphing Stories" on the right hand side of his page.  

  •  Deborah Meier-- 5 Habits of Mind

    • Deborah Meier explains how teaching students specific skills, known as the habits of mind, will allow them to be highly effective. See her video on explaining these habits of mind. 

    • Here is a document explaining the thinking that Meier believes meaningful tasks should promote. 

  • Shelley Wright -- Problem Based Learning

    • Shelley Wright's blog, "Wright's Room". Shelley shares ideas about 21st century learning, technology, shifting the classroom, and the slow education movement, among others. 

  • Neil Stephenson -- Introduction to Inquiry Based Learning

    • Neil Stephenson's website on Inquiry Based Learning, includes information on eight inquiry principles - authenticity, understanding, performances, assessment, technology, expertise, success, and citizenship. 

    • Here is Stephenson's professional development presentation on "Building an Inquiry-driven Classroom" from Oct. 17, 2014. 

    • Challenge-based learning website 

  • John Hattie -- Visible Learning

    • John Hattie explains how teachers need to be their own evaluators and see learning through the eyes of the students, helping them become their own teachers. Teachers are open to feedback from students, which helps make learning visible. Online resources related to John Hattie's research on Visible Thinking are available, including videos and interviews. 

    • Visible Learning Plus is a professional development program for teachers based on Hattie's research. 

  • John Seely Brown 

    • A link to John Seely Brown's publication, "Learning in and for the 21st Century." 

  • TC² -- Critical Thinking Consortium

    • The Critical Thinking Consortium offers educators many great resources for embedding critical thinking in the classroom.

  • The Historical Thinking Project

    • The Historical Thinking Project promotes "critical historical literacy for the 21st century", the framework revolves around six concepts of historical thinking - historical significance, cause and consequence, historical perspective-taking, continuity and change, the use of primary source evidence, and the ethical dimension of history. 

  • Visible Thinking

    • A website that provides information on visible thinking, including descriptions of classroom activities and routines that were developed from research in schools. 

  • Design Thinking for Educators 

    • Design Thinking for Educators is "A creative process that helps you design meaningful solutions in the classroom, at your school, and in your community". This website hosts examples of design thinking and the five phases of the design process: discovery, interpretation, ideation, experimentation, and evolution.  

  • Buck Institute of Education 

    • The Buck Institute of Education educates teachers on Project Based Learning, and how to use this learning in all subject areas. This website offers many resources on Project Based Learning. 

  • Modern Learners

    • Educating Modern Learners speaks towards new educational contexts, including topics such as technology, literacy, leadership and pedagogy. 

  • Will Richardson

    • Will Richardson is a leading thinker and writer about the intersection of "social online learning networks and education."

  • The New York Times - Technology Article

    • Web Fiction, Serialized and Social by David Streitfeld 

  • Digitally Speaking

    • Doing Work that Matters -- 21st Century Skills Workshop

  • Skype in the Classroom

    • Connect students beyond the classroom! Skype with other teachers and classes from around the world, and find guest speakers and invite them into your classroom. As well, take a virtual field trip anywhere in the world. 

  • The Right Question Institute

    • The Right Question Institute's mission is to teach a strategy for people to learn how to ask better questions, and participate more effectively in decisions that affect them, a "catalyst for microdemocracy." 

  • Smarter Science

    • provides a framework for teaching and learning science in Grades 1-12, with a focus on developing skills of inquiry, creativity and innovation. Resources available include inquiry cards and posters. 

  • Teach Thought

    • provides a list of good essential questions, topics include decisions and consequences, social justice, culture, adversity, utopia, chaos and order, identities, freedom, heroes, the human condition, illusion vs. reality, language and literature, nature, and the pursuit of happiness. 

  • Galileo Educational Network 

    • The Galileo Educational Network works with students, teachers and policy makers across Canada in an effort to improve learning through research on 21st century learning environments. Provides inquiry-based classroom examples for high school humanities, math and science. 

  • Documents: 


Biology 30 -- Unit Planning Templates:

  • Blueprint - Biology 30 A1 Handout

  • Blueprint - Biology 30 A2 Handout

  • Blueprint - Biology 30 B1 Handout

  • Blueprint - Biology 30 B2 Handout

  • Blueprint - Biology 30 B3 Handout

  • Blueprint - Biology 30 C1 Handout 

Social Studies

  • Kiva 

    • a non-profit micro-loaning organization that has a goal to alleviate poverty
  • TedX -- The New Front Lines - Jake Harrima

    • a video on how terrorism spreads (poverty)
  • Canva

    • a design program that allows you to create designs for web or print, including blog graphics


  • Marcia's Science Teaching Ideas

    • active learning learning ideas for the science classroom, including a great section on Teaching Lab Safety, which includes activities, games, and quizzes that promote lab safety. 

  • EcoExpress

    • produced by GreenTreks Network, EcoExpress hosts videos of professionals who are pursuing STEM careers. These videos offer tips and lessons about each field, and help students learn about how to get involved. 

  • NOVA

    • PBS's Science Network; search science videos by topics, topics include ancient worlds, body and brain, evolution, military, physics and math. You can download the NOVA Elements App for Free from ITunes. This app allows students to explore how elements combine to create everyday objects. 


    • access a wealth of neuroscience resources, includes articles, videos, lesson plans, and activities. 

    • this website hosts a two-part video series called Neuroscience as a STEM subject -- which highlights the Society of Neuroscience's teacher workshops, presenting hands-on activities for exploring the motor and sensory cortexes of the brain. 

  • Possible Worlds

    • Developed by the Center for Children and Technology, Possible Worlds hosts four game-based learning modules surrounding photosynthesis, heat transfer, electricity, and heredity. The Activities and Resources section provides sample instructional sequences and hands-on activities for teachers, as well, each section provides a link on critical thinking surrounding that topic. 

  • Biology and Life Sciences Resources

    • a website by Serendip Studio that hosts hands-on activities for teaching high school biology and life sciences. Activities surround biological molecules, cellular respiration, photosynthesis, cell structure and function, genetics, evolution, human health and others. Handouts are available for class use. 

  • ChemCrafter

    • a free app presented by the Chemical Heritage Foundation that creates a virtual chemistry lab! Students conduct virtual experiments in a series of three interactive books, earning coins to be used in subsequent experiments. Each experiment provides explanations of the reactions. 

  • NeoK12

    • this website hosts a large selection of educational games, videos, lessons, quizzes, and animations. These resources cover topics including the human body, earth science, space science, geography, and other subjects. 

  • The Field Book Project 

    • From the Smithsonian Institution is a lesson plan and activity that is adaptable for grades K-12, teaching observation skills that are essential to science. The lesson introduces students to a field journal, collecting observations and making field entries. 

  • Algodoo

    • FREE 2D-simulation software by Algoryz that allows students to make interactive scenes. Explore physics by building inventions, and design games and experiements in your science classes. 

  • Smarter Science

    • provides a framework for teaching and learning science in Grades 1-12, with a focus on developing skills of inquiry, creativity, and innovation. Resources available include inquiry cards and posters. 

Other Resources:

YouTube EDU
YouTube Teaching Channel 


Search these databases for a collection of educational resources

       ipl2: Information You Can Trust                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

The Internet Public Library. Collections of resources ran by the iSchool at Drexel, College of Information Science and Technology.

Exciting resource collections for all age groups. Click on senior high school at the top left hand side of the page. Presented by the Education Society. 

Search Learn Alberta and the Online Reference Center. Use this database to locate resources in multiple different subject areas.         


Other Great Web Resources:

Great Sites for E-Books: