Strathmore High School Promotions

Promotional Videos for School Spirit

Mr. Laslo created a Promotions Club in 2018.  With the assistance of SHS students they compiled photos and created videos throughout the school year to support school spirit.

Promotions has their own Youtube channel.  Be sure to subscribe and enjoy!

Interested in finding out more about SHS.  Be sure to check out the videos below:

Remembrance Day 2020

What is School Like?

Carpool Karaoke



Cross Country Running 2018

Girls Soccer 2018

SHS Rugby 2018-2019

SHS Student Stereotypes 2018-2019

SHS Curling 2018-2019

SHS Girls Basketball 2018-2019

SHS JR. Boys Basketball 2018-2019



Every year Ms. Riley, along with a group of SHS students gathers photos of all of our events and puts them all into a yearbook.  If you are interested in helping out she meets every Tuesday at lunch.